Welcome to video #2 of this 3-part training on emotional triggers

In this video you’ll learn about:

1) What traumatic stress is and how we come to experience it

2) How the presence of traumatic stress impacts leads to more moments of “flipping our lid”

3) What our “Window of Tolerance” is, and how it can become very narrow; setting us up for reactivity

4) The important way that shame & guilt empower or disempower us

This video is approximately 23 minutes long.

Once you’ve watched the video…

What is your biggest takeaway from this first lesson? Do you consider yourself and “overly sensitive” or easily triggered person? Do you often fall into shame & guilt?

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and don’t forget to grab the handout!

The Window of Tolerance


Don’t forget to download Window of Tolerance for future reference. Our Window of Tolerance can feel very narrow, depending on our personal histories and experiences. The good news is that this Window can be opened and we can experience greater resilience in our nervous system.

For further reflection…

Consider complementing this training with this episode on Healthy vs. Toxic Shame from the Bold as Love podcast. You can find it on Apple podcasts here and here, or Stitcher, Spotify, or iHeartradio.