Welcome to video #3 of this 3-part training on emotional triggers

In this video you’ll learn about:

1) The “how” part of this work and learning to H.O.L.D. it.

2) The fluid nature of our personality & how it can change

3) The MOST IMPORTANT thing that needs to happen before parenting strategies will stick!

4) The unspoken way our internal state shapes our kids’ behavior

5) The not-so radical, radical path forward!

This video is approximately 40 minutes long.

Once you’ve watched the video…

What is your biggest takeaway from this first lesson? Have you noticed how your children’s behavior is influenced by how you feel (effective & confident vs. insecure)? How do you feel knowing that our personality traits can change? What do you think of the H.O.L.D. practice, and do you think you’ll start using it?

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and don’t forget to grab the handout!

The H.O.L.D. Practice

For a Black & White version of this practice, click here.


Don’t forget to download the H.O.L.D. practice guideline for future reference. This is an embodiment & awareness building practice that can become one of the most powerful habits we could develop when it comes to stopping our patterns of reactivity. Don’t forget, like anything else, the more we practice this, the more it has the chance to become a healthy and valuable habit.


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For further reflection…

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