The Bold Love 8-Week Initiation

for chain-breaking mamas like you and me!

What is it?

The Bold as Love program is a program created for mamas who desire to have a new experience of themselves as a woman and as a mother.  It’s program for mamas who know in their own life experience the effects of their own past as children - and how the momentum of conditioned patterns of emotional and behavioral reactivity have come to influence how they parent.  This program is for chain-breaking women who want to reclaim (or claim for the first time) self-trust, confidence and sovereignty and are willing to do the work to get there. It isn’t always easy to do the work of unlearning the learned behavior of the past in order to make way for the new, but you won’t be alone, and I can promise you that it is definitely worth it!  For you and for your children. This program is intended to introduce both conceptual learning - ideas, perspectives and research that can transform our understanding, as well as the practice it takes to internalize what we learn so that it becomes an embodied understanding.

my approach through the program

This program combines a number of embodiment and healing modalities that focus on rewiring our brain and nervous system out of the patterns we’re living and into an entirely new programming. The program also involves work at the level of self-exploration and reflection on how we came to know ourselves as we do today. A number of practices neuroscensory and somatic, body-based practices will be introduced over the course of the program to facilitate this transformation. In each module, we will also have a focus on “our kids” and some of the ways that we can support them now to develop a strong connection to themselves, and the confidence and self-trust this facilitates.

I deeply believe that the work that we do in a program like this is a powerful way of empowering our children (boys and girls) to grow up to be confident men and women who know themselves deeply, trust and have confidence in themselves, and who can change the trajectory of our experience as women in this world as a result.  Ambitious, I know, but that’s my vision. I believe knowing myself as deeply as I do now grants me a sovereignty and an ownership over my life and my experience of it that no one can take away. I want that for all the women I work with.

Who’s teaching the program?

I’m your teacher, Karine. I’m a mindfulness and somatic awareness and embodiment teacher/coach. I am also training in the Somatic Experiencing modality and bring many ideas and practices from SE into the program. The focus here is self-awareness building and nervous system rewiring as we get in touch with a direct and embodied experience of ourselves through the work we do in the program.

This program based on a blend of theories and practices that I’m trained to teach (meditation, mindfulness & nervous system healing), and that I have extensive experience with myself. This program is a roadmap, and I’m your guide. I teach and blend meditation, mindfulness and body-based awareness & somatic practices with a love of research and streams of inspiration. I’m an anthropologist by training as well so my love of people and culture comes with us. More than that, I’m a curious woman who is passionate about this topic. Few things inspire me more than the idea of sovereign living for women. I’m writing my own story in this life, and I’m teaching my kids to do the same.


A word about the Beta

This course has been a labor of love, let me tell you, but I am really excited to introduce it and hope that it serves its purpose to help women connect deeply with their own lives and come to a place of trust and confidence like they may never have experienced.  This is the work I’ve been doing since I began this parenting journey almost 10 years ago, when I realized just how powerfully the past threatened to play out in my role as a mother, and I was determined not to be asleep while I unconsciously passed on the patterns of I’d learned that had let to a lifetime of insecurity, anxiety and disconnection from and distrust in myself and my lived experience.  

Having said that - the beta is an opportunity for me as well to learn about how YOU learn from and work with the materials I present in the program.  It’s important to me that concepts are clear (though some might take time to be fully understood) and that you feel motivated to engage with the practices. It’s really important, therefore, that participants on the beta watch all the lessons and engage in the practices as much as possible over the course of the program.  You’ll also be asked after each week to provide feedback on what you learned/what you liked/what you felt could be clarified or improved.

How will the course work?

The BAL program is an 8-week initiation experience (dates for each week below) in which we dive into and explore different topics in 6 different modules (or “workshops”).  Two of the 8 weeks will be implementation/practice weeks, so you’ll have some time during the program to catch up if you need to, to take a break, if you need to, or to go back and work through a lesson, if you’d like.  

The program will be hosted on an online course hosting site (Thinkific, Teachable or Kajabi), and you’ll be sent separate information about where and how to access the content closer to our start)

The lessons in each workshop will be released on Monday morning (9am CEST) - each lesson will have between 3-4 lessons on average.  They’re broken up intentionally to help with focus and to limit the amount of time for each video that you’ll need, so you can digest them at your own pace.  The idea is that each week you would work through the lessons for that workshop, and that each day of the week you would make time for the foundational practice and exercises intended for the week.  

There will be one foundational meditation practice that will be introduced at the beginning of the course (technically, the week before the course officially starts, the 22nd) and this will be the practice you’ll be asked to use for at least 5-6 days each week (it will be about 20-30 minutes long).  As I’ll explain when I introduce the practice, this is the bread and butter of what it takes to halt the momentum of patterns we learned to make way for the new. Practice! Practice! Practice!

A private Facebook group will be set up in conjunction with the program and on Thursday of each week (with one exception, when we’ll hold it on a Wednesday) we will have a Q&A session in which I’ll answer any questions you have about the work we’re doing that week.  (Please don’t feel you have to join FB for this - the Q&A videos will also go on the course site, so you don’t have to join FB, if you’d rather not - I’d completely understand.) The exact times for the Q&A will be announced closer to each one, but you can watch the replays at any time, in case you can’t make it “live”. The format for the Q&A will be: you’ll be asked to send me any questions you have and I’ll create a video within the group to answer those questions. You can also use that group to interact with the other mamas on the program, but please make note of the community guidelines before you do (they’ll be posted in the group and you’ll have access to that once I send the invitation to join around).  

Dates for the beta*

The beta for this program will begin on Monday, October 22nd with a Welcome to the program and introduction to the foundational practice (and the “why” of why this is so important).  

The program will continue on the following dates (you can already note these):

Monday, October 29th - Workshop 1  and Wednesday, October 24th (Q&A)

Monday, November 5th - Workshop 2 and Thursday, November 8th (Q&A)

Monday, November 12th - implementation week (no lessons), Q&A on Nov 15th

Monday, November 19th - Workshop 3 and Wednesday, November 21st (Q&A)

Monday, November 26th - Workshop 4 and Thursday, November 29th (Q&A)

Monday, December 3rd -  implementation week (no lessons), Q&A on Dec 6th

Monday, December 10th - Workshop 5 and Thursday, December 13th (Q&A)

Monday, December 17th - Workshop 6 and Thursday, December 20th (Q&A)

The program will end before Christmas, but I’m planning to hold another Q&A after the holidays if there are any questions that came up for you after the program ended.  

*One of the benefits of an online program like this is that - while we’ll have opportunities to engage with each other (in the FB group, for example), you’re not REQUIRED to watch the videos or do the practices at specific times, so the program is flexible for you.  

Once the beta of this program ends, I’ll incorporate your suggestions and comments into a new iteration, and any version of the program that comes out after this you will also have access to. And I hope it just gets better each time.

So, what are we learning?

The outline for the workshops is below.  Each workshop focuses around a theme and has elements of learning that relate directly to us, and also how the topic relates to our children.  Each workshop consists of lessons and exercises/practices for you to work with (though they may not all have a specific exercise)

Workshop 1 - We work here from the premise that many of us have a learned disconnection (at the level of family and culture (which we explore more in WS3)) from the intelligence of our embodied experience and how this impacts our experience of freedom, flow and connection. In this lesson we’ll talk about how that happens and the really important reasons why, but also how it becomes a lived experience that often results in experiences of chronic stress, anxiety and unhelpful and unskillful patterns of thinking, perception and behavior. We’ll also talk about HOW this can change and how we can help preserve our children’s connection to themselves.  

Workshop 2 - In this workshop we’re going to do a deep dive into a look at the autonomic nervous system, which (for many of us) has become dysregulated over a lifetime of managing unhelpful beliefs and engaging in unhelpful behaviors.  Dysregulation underlies our experience of overwhelm. We’ll learn about the different ways we can experience stress (it’s not all fight or flight!). Our ability to regulate our stress responses gets compromised by unprocessed experiences that keep us in states of stress reactivity. In this workshop, we’ll learn concepts and practices to help us bring regulation powerfully back to our system, and increase capacity and flexibility within it again (our natural state when we’re balance).  We’ll also explore how we can help our children regulate their systems in moments of distress.

Workshop 3 - In this workshop we’re going even deeper into the world of our bodies.  This workshop will focus on a connection to our bodies that most of us were conditioned out of as children (not intentionally).  A connection again to this experience lies at the basis of our ability to “know” what’s happening for us in all our moments, and is the entryway into a knowledge of what the body is communicating to us.  This is important for girls and for women whose own inability to “know” themselves at this level often leads them away from deeply trusting themselves, knowing what feels good to them and what doesn’t, and knowing how and where and when to set boundaries.  We’ll explore how we can help our children know this experience too, and stay connected to it.  

Workshop 4 - We’ll focus on our emotions in this workshop.  Many of us have a relationship with our emotions (especially the “difficult” emotions) in which we find ourselves either overwhelmed by them or shut off from them.  In this workshop we’ll explore a perspective on emotions that can give us insight into how they serve as guidance for us, and how we can learn to allow them to function in that way.  We’ll also learn how the work we’re doing leads to equanimity in our emotions and more regulation in how we experience them. We’ll also explore how we can help our children know their own emotional words and experience them fully.  

Workshop 5 - Healthy Emotional Expression and Boundaries.  We’ll continue our focus here somewhat on emotions and what they can tell us about our boundaries.  We’ll especially explore the role of emotions of fear and anger and how we can work with these in a positive way.  We’ll also explore boundaries from the perspective that we need to be able to say a firm, assertive and (guiltless) “no” before we can say “yes”.  Sounds easier than it feels sometimes, but we’ll work on this together. We’ll also explore how we can understand and work with boundaries in our children’s lives.  

Workshop 6 - Wiring for Joy!  In a world that has no problem focusing on all that is wrong and problematic, it can be a practice in and of itself to focus on what is going well and what we can do to cultivate a deeply embodied experience of Joy. I make an important distinction here between “happiness” and “joy”, but will take you through concepts and practices that are aimed at knowing joy fully in our lives. And to connect to the beauty and the mystery of this experience of life as well. We’ll also have a look (from a non-judgmental perspective) at how we model with our response to the world how the world looks and feels to our children.  Through this work we can help them as well to know the things that deeply connect them to joy. This workshop works on the premise that when we are connected to our joy what we put out in the world through it can be powerful and transformational.

What’s expected of you?

Just your full-hearted participation.  If you don’t think you will go through the program, please don’t participate in the beta for it.  I want to make this the best course it can possibly be, so your full participation and feedback is really important to me.  The only other “requirements” are to come into the program with as much willingness as possible to learn something. Bring your healthy skepticism with and TEST the concepts out through the practices.  All feedback is welcome, including very constructive feedback, but critical and judgmental comments towards me or any other participant is not allowed in the program. This is a non-judgmental space and (even if you have judgment - and we all do - we can learn to engage with each other in constructive ways).

This program is a curation of different philosophies, wisdom traditions, scientific and healing approaches, in which we’ll discuss some important theory, the intersection of nature and nurture (culture and history), philosophy and mythology, and introduce powerful practices that help us engage with and alter the momentum of past patterning, and re-incorporate us, into our bodies, so that we can be fully present and fully responsive and response-able (able to responds) to our needs and the needs of our children in ways that we most deeply want.  

You will learn POWERFUL ways of regulating and integrating the brain and body and become more EMBODIED in a way that allows for far greater capacity for us to respond in wise and creative ways to our life circumstances and our children.

Who the program is for:

Women, whose coming into motherhood has been a WAKE UP call for them.

Women who want to know and trust themselves as much for them as they want this for their children.

Women whose love for their children has become a powerful motivator for them to become more responsible for their emotional lives.

Women willing to work with uncomfortable feelings to break through into insight and lasting change

Women willing to look deeply and compassionately at the patterns that have shaped them in order to interrupt those patterns and forge a new way forward

Women who are exhausted and depleted from the emotional fallout of their reactions with their children and are committed to finding a better way

Women interested in the science side of things but who are also open to the unknown, uncertain and seemingly mystical

who the program is not for:

Women not ready to do the work of confronting uncomfortable emotions and patterns

Women not willing to take full responsibility for their lives and how they are in relationship with themselves and others

For women dealing with severe or unstable mental illness, it's not advisable to work through this material online

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FAQs (more to come)

Q: I want to learn specific strategies to work with my child's difficult behavior - is this the right program for me?

The specific focus of this program is not about “parenting strategies”, though approaches are talked about and suggested, the focus for the program works from the premise that profound changes are possible within the child's experience when the parent's (when mom's) experience changes.  The more balance, capacity, and regulation that mom has within her system, and the more mom feels within herself a foundation of safety and self-trust, the more this is communicated to her children in her strength and capacity.  In fact, based on what I know from my own experience, and the experience of working with people in the cultivation of awareness, trying to implement practices and strategies on top of an insecure foundation is not sustainable.  I'd always start with mom first. 

Q: Should my children be a certain age for me to work through this program? 

While I think this program would be of benefit to a mom of children at any age, the information that focuses on children focuses more on post-verbal ages - somewhere between 3 or 4 and 11 or 12.  Significant hormonal shifts take place for boys & girls ages 9 and up, and even more so when they reach teenage.   Still the vast majority of the program would still be of benefit as it benefits mom's system and experience, which has a necessary spillover effect, but the module focusing on children might not be as applicable.