Sometimes it's hearing it from others who've experienced how contemplative practices have shaped their lives that makes the difference. 


Kalyani, T.

"Karine's course has truly been a wonderful journey for me. Her clear style of communication as well as her personal touch to every session made it very easy for me to absorb the concepts and understand the practice in the context of everyday life. Her patience and kindness (and lovely smile!) made me feel extremely comfortable and at-home and I always felt heard and understood. I would highly recommend this course to everyone as it opens our eyes to a new way of understanding ourselves and our minds with a lot of compassion and kindness and gives us the tools to handle day-to-day challenges in our lives."


Julia, c.w.

"The MBSR course with Karine has been an intriguing and eye-opening journey for me. I have learned so much about myself and gained many answers to questions that have been on my mind for a long time.
Karine is a kind, warm, and inspirational teacher, who truly cares about her course participants.
I feel incredibly lucky to have started my journey of mindfulness with her."




julia, p.

"Karine has been an excellent guide for me towards a much higher level of mindfulness, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Of course, nothing comes at once and without effort, but this course had been of great help in this process, while at the same time reinforcing the idea of acceptance and love. Even if now I cannot always be as mindful as I’d like to be, I am aware and kind to myself, which lets me be happier and go through my days with more ease."


Daniel, H.

"I came away from the MBSR course with the ability to intercept stress reactions through mindful attention to my body. This has been incredibly helpful to me. It empowers me to stop and notice what's happening, and make different choices when I experience stress, and it all starts with awareness of how stress affects us.”