Three Ways to Work Together…

I’m a guide for people who seek to heal from developmental and relational trauma imprints as some of the most important work we could ever do. And while I know the word “trauma” can feel heavy, our journey towards healing from it doesn’t need to be. In fact, on the other side of the work we do together is a deeper sense of embodied well-being, ease, presence, connection and joy.

This is the healing work that I’ve personally learned comes before anything else we could hope to do - before the parenting we we aspire to do, before we try to change behavior, before we try and influence the lives and behavior of others, before we try and change our lives or change the world - because our healing will determine what we come to embody and what energy we project out into the world.

Heal ourselves and the world heals with us.

I offer group courses, 1-1 somatic healing sessions, and a membership, which each offer their own way of supporting you on your path. On this page, you’ll find an outline of each, with more information coming soon. So, whether you hope for more personalized, 1-1 support, or you’re seeking to go deeper with a group, or you’re seeking the on-going learning and support in a community of women and mothers walking this path, you’re in the right place and I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

In all the work we do together, we’re learning to bring ourselves into an entirely new relationship with ourselves through the body; learning to following the wisdom and intelligence it holds, and connect you to your own life in a powerful new way.

I provide free resources on my website and via my podcast, the bold as love podcast.

It Starts with Us

The 8-Week Conscious (Re) Parenting Program for Women and Mothers

What this 8-week program offers: In-depth learning and more focused support for each of the modules. This is the most in-depth program I offer, which provides comprehensive education in understanding the influence of our past on our present , education around the nervous system and stress responses, returning the the animal of our bodies (and an informed intuition), embodying our boundaries, and working with emotion.

And…word to the wise: don’t underestimate the power of the online course experience. ;)

Before doing the course I was a little worried about doing an online course. But the way the course is structured is perfect for me as a mother. I could do the course at my own pace; I could go back over parts that felt really important to me.

The live sessions helped hugely in terms of answers to questions, hearing how others were doing, bringing a lightness and joy to the experience, and also making the experience very real and like I was sitting with Karine in person.”
— Susanna D.

Read more about this program, which opens for registration in September here!


(Mothering before the Mothering Membership)

The M3Club(™) is a great way to get to know me, dip a toe into these learning waters, and discover if it provides just the right amount of education and support for you on your journey.

What the membership offers: A core curriculum (self-study course) that provides you with the basics of mindfulness & embodiment. Coaching support and “live” Q&A sessions. Embodiment & Movement practices to support your learning. And (importantly) community of women and mothers who seek continued learning and support within the supportive structure of a group.

We all need help to stay the course, continue our learning, and be reminded of what matters most to us. The membership is meant to be a safe, non-judgmental, and fun (!) healing space in support of our journey.

The membership (at $37(USD)/month) is an affordable way to “dip your toe” into this learning and community experience - and to work with me.

More information will be available by the 1st of September, 2019.

1-1 Somatic Experiencing & Mindfulness Healing Sessions

I’m a trained Mindfulness & Embodiment teacher and a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) practitioner-in-training. SE is a unique and powerful trauma healing modality that taps into the body’s innate capacity to heal from trauma. The (primarily) bottom-up approach we take in our 1-1 work together is to tune into the body and work with the threads of experience that arise in the session, that lead us along a healing path. The body will lead us where we need to go, and I’m there to help facilitate this process, offer guidance and a safe container within which to allow to come up what is ready to be processed and metabolized.

To learn more about SE, or if you’re interested in working with me, please contact me at:

At this time, I’m only taking on a very limited number of clients , so as soon as that number is reached, I’ll start a waitlist for future openings.