The Bold Love Cure

A 12-week guided program for mothers ready to walk the path to heal their relationships with themselves and their children

“This course was the missing piece in all the learning, self-study and self-change I tried for more than 20 years. You’ll learn how you can affect positive change with your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour — and ultimately make the changes you wish to become, the person and mum you would like to be.”

Carolyn E.

Can you relate to this?

“I know something needs to change, but I don’t know where to start.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’m failing my kids.”

I don’t feel confident in my parenting, and it affects every part of my life.”

I hear you. You’re not alone in this. And I hear this from the mamas I work with all the time.

You, like me, love your kids with all your heart, but…

You’re overwhelmed with information. You’ve read the books and tried everything — but  you still find yourself locked in a battle of wills with your child. And in your overwhelm you react with anger or tears — or you disconnect to avoid the pain.  You don’t feel confident as a parent.

Boundaries? You don’t know what your boundaries are, let alone how to enforce them. And your overwhelm causes you to react in ways that twist your stomach up in knots with guilt.

You blame yourself. You blame your kids — did someone give them a copy of How to Push Mommy’s Buttons?

Let’s hit the reset button!

What would it feel like to understand the connection between what you’re feeling, thinking, and doing, and how your kids are behaving?

What would it feel like to understand yourself so well that you intuitively knew how to respond to your children in any situation?

You can have that trust in yourself. You can find that peace. You can learn that confidence.

Your confusion, lack of self-trust, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm are symptoms of an underlying problem.

And, Mama. You’re not alone.

“So many parents are struggling and grappling with how to raise kids in this face-paced and fast-changing environment, where mental health is an issue, physical health is an issue, addiction is an issue.
— Caroly, Bold Love Cure

You were a child once. And childhood isn’t always easy. In some fundamental ways, you didn’t always have your needs met. You didn’t always feel safe to be authentically yourself. Or safe that you could always lean on someone when you needed help. You and I, we were shaped by those early experiences. Consciously or not, you carry those experiences into your life as a mom. And until you can heal from the effects of those experiences, you’re going to keep feeling lost, disconnected, and overwhelmed.

“I don’t want to be like my parents, but I feel powerless to stop this cycle.”

“I feel disconnected from my kids —and  they don’t feel comfortable talking to me.”

I don’t trust myself to give my kids what they need.”

“I don’t feel safe in my own body, in my own life. Am I crazy?

No, Mama. You’re not crazy. All those feelings are normal — and there’s a cure. A path forward.

The cure is developing a radically new relationship with yourself first. A Bold Love relationship.

You can break unhelpful habits, disrupt the patterns you feel stuck in, and rewire your brain to have a completely different experience as a woman and as a mother. And you can do this in a way that isn’t  overwhelming or insurmountable. Change happens one small step at a time.

“These small steps build change in the body to rewire our experience. And these small steps lead to bigger changes.”
— Petra, Bold Love Cure Alumni

And when you do, you’ll see the difference in every part of your life, including parenting.

The Bold Love Cure will be great for you if:

  • You’re ready to put in the work it takes to forge a new relationship through study and practice (this isn’t about magic bullets and fairy dust!)

  • You’re into personal development — but sense something important is missing

  • You’re self-aware enough to know that there are things you want to change

  • You want to heal the lineage of emotional pain for your children that has likely traveled for generations in your family

  • You love to learn about science and love the idea of making a laboratory out of your own life!

  • You have a curious mind and an adventurous spirit and you’re ready to have someone guide you into a new experience

  • You want to meet and be supported by others on this journey

The Bold Love Cure is not right for you if:

  • You’re not willing to put in the work it takes to unlearning and rewiring false beliefs and unhealthy behavioral patterns (30-40 minutes most days/week)

  • You’re currently experiencing a psychiatric emergency and do not have adequate psychiatric support

  • You’re unwilling to take a good and honest look at your life and embrace your relationship to it

What’s Waiting for You Inside The Bold Love Cure

Inside The Bold Love Cure, you’ll find a comprehensive program that will equip you with the learning and the tools to find safety within your own system, so that you can learn to trust in yourself, and to trust in Life. And this is how we create lasting change in our parenting.

“Parents try strategies, and they often don’t stick because the strategies are superficial — and they’re not speaking to us as who we are, as kids and parents. What we need is this; this reconnecting again and fundamentally understanding who we are and what we are.  When we come from that place, then the strategies we apply will work and will stick.” - Carolyn, Bold Love Cure Alumni

You don’t have to do this alone.

We’re often taught that we have to figure it all out on our own. But why, when there are other people who share your struggle — and people who have walked the path and found the way through?  

When you join The Bold Love Cure, you’re also joining an international  community of women (hello, culture!!) who are all walking this path of reconnection.  You’ll connect with women who can offer the guidance and support you need as you navigate the path back to yourself and to your inner compass.

You are not alone.

We learn from each other. And through the support we provide one another we reinforce our learning and fill our cups with the confidence to keep moving forward and focus on what really matters:

To feel more empowered and confident, to be less reactive, and to trust yourself and your life more as a woman and as a mother.

This is the parenting program I longed for when I first became a mother.

Who’s teaching the program?

I’m your teacher, Karine. I’m a mindfulness and somatic awareness and embodiment teacher/coach. I am also training in the Somatic Experiencing modality and bring many ideas and practices from SE into the program. The focus here is self-awareness building and nervous system rewiring as we get in touch with a direct and embodied experience of ourselves through the work we do in the program.

This program based on a blend of theories and practices that I’m trained to teach (meditation, mindfulness & nervous system healing), and that I have extensive experience with myself. This program is a roadmap, and I’m your guide. I teach and blend meditation, mindfulness and body-based awareness & somatic practices with a love of research and streams of inspiration. I’m an anthropologist by training as well so my love of people and culture comes with us. More than that, I’m a curious woman who is passionate about this topic. Few things inspire me more than the idea of sovereign living for women. I’m writing my own story in this life, and I’m teaching my kids to do the same.

Over 12 transformational weeks you’ll receive practical training and instruction:

Month 1 - How You Got Here (Education & Self-Understanding)

The start of the journey focuses on self-love and self-compassion. Explore how your early childhood experiences and relationships shape how you know yourself today —  and how those experiences affect your life today. You’ll learn how to take control of your reactions as you dive into the science and the most current research on how to respond to stress effectively. And yes, from day one, you’ll also learn how to help your children as you help yourself.

“I learned how emotional safety feels. I don’t have to feel ashamed of my past.”

Petra, Bold Love Cure Alumni

Month 2 - Reconnecting to Yourself (unlearning patterns)

You’ll learn about the language of the body and focus on the body as a source of wisdom and intelligence. Reconnecting with yourself means that you’ll have confidence in what you’re doing — you’ll learn to feel safe and at home in yourself and in the world. You’ll also do a deep dive into the science and physiology of emotions and boundaries, and you’ll put that knowledge into practice with  specific neurosensory and meditation work that will make you calmer, confident, and in control.

“Every time I listened to something, it felt like it happened in my life so that I could see it as an example of what I was learning. It made me completely aware of my stress responses.”

Andrea L., Bold Love Cure Alumni

Month 3 - Rewiring for Joy (actively rewiring for new experiences)

Tap into feeling states and use what you’ve learned to rewire your brain for joy. You’ll complete specific, targeted exercises so that you can build your awareness and understanding of your self  and move forward on the path you’ve begun. You’ll continue to “unlearn” unhealthy patterns — and you’ll see firsthand how the work you’ve put in on yourself spills over to your children and other areas of your life.

“That’s what I really loved about this program, that there’s such a way forward and a path.  No matter what age my son is, or what age I am, or what state we’re in now, there’s a way forward.” - Carolyn

Inside the program, you’ll find:

  • Training modules  (video and downloadable audio, transcripts and slides) with background information on the why — and practical instruction on how to do the work.

  • Three implementation/practice weeks so that you have time to  catch up, digest, and go deeper into your practice.

  • Weekly live Q&A calls where you can get on-the-spot answers and feedback.  Questions can be submitted ahead of time, and all calls are be recorded and uploaded to the course site for your reference.

  • Four Foundational neurosensory/meditation practices to support the integration of what you learn throughout the program into your daily life.

  • Cheat sheets for you AND your kids so that you can quickly and easily put your learning into practice.

  • Self-love/self-compassion activities and exercises to supplement your learning and help you move from theory to practice. that relate to the themes you’re exploring and the self-understanding work you’re doing.

  • Scientifically-based training that focuses specifically on parenting your children — how to respond, what to say and do, and more.  

  • Movement practices that  get you back into the body (and out of your head).

  • Exclusive access to the Bold Love Cure community — even  after you complete the 12-week program.

In this one course, there is a lot, and it’s very meaty and raw, but it’s what we need. It’s fundamentally what we need to know.
— Carolyn, Bold Love Cure Alumni

Hear more love for The Bold Love Cure from program alumni

“I’ve tried so many things already, and nothing’s working.”

I’m stuck in this pattern that I don’t want to be in.”

The Bold Love Cure is the missing link. If you’ve read the books and watched the Ted talks and even been in therapy, but nothing is changing, that’s because you haven’t had the help you need to take that information from your head and implement it within the body.

The Bold Love Cure is not another parenting course. It’s a radically different approach to changing the patterns of trauma and distrust we’ve inherited and developed throughout our lives.

This course is grounded in science: you’ll learn about the complexity of the nervous system, explore somatic experiencing, and dive deep into the feeling states, emotions, and experiences that have shaped you. And everything happens within the safe and supportive environment we’ve created, with a group of women who share your goals and commitment to grow and thrive.

At heart, The Bold Love Cure is a journey back to Self; it takes you somewhere you haven’t been before.  It’s a deep dive to encounter ourselves in ways we haven’t known before.

You come home to yourself.  You learn to bring love and acceptance to yourself and to the beautiful human life that you are.  And through this experience you begin to liberate yourself from what you’ve carried through life for so long.  And you become for yourself a compass and a light with which to move through life. In parenting and in life.

Motherhood isn’t about suddenly everything becoming peaceful, organized and quiet all the time. No, it’s about being able to be deeply nourished and connected to yourself no matter what and starting from there.

You don’t need the outside world to tell you how to parent.  When we learn to trust ourselves everything else falls into place.  And there is a path to get there.

Working with Karine has made me so aware of the patterns I have — and how I’m transferring those patterns to my children. It’s never too late to make a change, and I know how much my children will benefit from the work I’m doing — now, and later on in their lives.

— Robyn, Bold Love Cure Alumni

Not sure you’re ready for The Bold Love Cure? Book a complimentary call with me and we’ll figure it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the investment for the program?

The Bold Love Cure 12-week online immersion costs 1047 (USD) for the entire program when paid in full. A payment plan of x6 payments over six consecutive months of 180 (USD) is also available. With your investment comes full lifetime access to the course program and all program content (plus upgrades and additional content added in future). Program materials will be downloadable and can be used year-round on an on-demand basis.

How much time will The Bold Love Cure require?

Most women need about four hours a week to go through the material and implement it in their lives. You’re never behind, though — you can work at your own pace, because you have lifetime access to all the materials. You can also access the material in different ways, so if you don’t have time to read through lessons, you can listen to them on the go.

What kind of support can I expect?

Inside the program, you’ll have access to a private online community forum (not on Facebook) where you’ll  be able to interact with others on the journey. During each week of lessons, you’ll also have the opportunity to send in questions that are then answered and posted in the online forum. For each of the three implementation/practice weeks, you’ll also have access to “live” Q&A coaching & training calls (via Zoom) to work through challenges that come up for you.

How is the material delivered?

Course materials are delivered in video, written (transcripts), and audio lessons to accommodate different learning styles and to fit into your busy life. Materials will be downloadable and portable. So they can travel with you wherever you go. You have access to the materials forever — one student said it was like having a personal library of resources she can dip into whenever she needs help.

I want to learn specific strategies to work with my child's difficult behavior - is this the right program for me?

Our focus here is not “parenting strategies,” though you will find suggested approaches. Instead, the program works from the premise that profound changes are possible within the child's experience when mom's experience changes.  The more balance, capacity, and regulation that mom has within her system, and the more mom feels within herself a foundation of safety and self-trust, the more this is communicated to her children in her strength and capacity.  In fact, based on what I know from my own experience, and the experience of working with people in the cultivation of awareness, trying to implement practices and strategies on top of an insecure foundation is not sustainable. I'd always start with mom first.

Should my children be a certain age for me to work through this program?

While this program will benefit to moms of children at any age, the information that focuses on children focuses more on post-verbal ages — somewhere between 3 or 4 and 11 or 12.  Significant hormonal shifts take place for boys & girls ages 9 and up, and even more so when they reach their teenage years. Still, the vast majority of the program will benefit all moms.

The “live” program will begin Monday, April 8th. Enrollment opens March 30th and closes on April 7th, 2019.

*This program opens for enrollment twice per year. You can join the waitlist for the next enrollment period here. (once in the program, you’ll have forever access to the content & you can retake the “live” runs of the program as many times as you’d like.

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