A 4-Week Self-Guided Conscious Parenting Program for $197 (USD)

why i created this program

Last year, at a meditation retreat I attended, the teacher talked a lot about autonomy and a sense of personal authority. As a mother, and as person who was once a child seeking both structure and a safe foundation AND who experienced a desire to unfurl my own wings and fly beyond what I knew as a child, I am always wondering how I can foster both structure and autonomy in my own children. At the retreat I found myself asking: How do we do this? How do we encourage a child’s sense of autonomy and independence, and simultaneously be a guide to them along their path to independence. At what point is it guidance, and at what point is it interference or even imposing our will on our children in unhealthy and unhelpful ways?

The outcome of the reflection and study based on those questions is this 4-week self-study program.

So, I have a few questions for you…

Are you a mom who’s interested in conscious parenting and actively shaping your relationship with your children?

Are you a mom who’s interested in learning about the most current research that speaks to the health and well-being of a developing child?

Are you a mom who has a relatively solid foundation already, who’s committed to becoming more self-aware, but who wants to learn more about and adopt a rule by love approach to parenting?

I’m that mama, too, and I have just the program for you! And it’s called…

The Rule by Love approach to parenting

In this 4-week self-study program, you’ll learn about an approach to being in relationship to your children that can revolutionize the dynamic between you and them.

The rule by love approach to parenting is based on one principle idea

…and that is…sometimes the less we do, the more influence we wind up having, and the more positive the outcome. And what is birthed from that is more ease and joy that we experience in the process. The rule by love approach is about taking the path of least resistance in a positive sense, believing that, like water flows easily and effortlessly around objects in its path, the softest approach can overcome the hardest of objects.

This a process. An orientation. A philosophy and a way and an approach to life in general. Applied to our parenting, we discover more joy and playfulness in the process, as we also learn more about ourselves and our children.

The rule by love approach is for mamas who ask themselves the question: how do I both foster autonomy and authenticity in my child while still providing them with the guidance, structure and boundaries they need to find their way in the world.

In many ways this is a radical approach to parenting, and to life, that teaches us to TRUST that how we nurture the soil will determine the path that unfolds before our feet. The rule by love approach is about trusting ourselves, trusting our children, and trusting life itself. The consequence for our kids is an immeasurable sense of freedom and authenticity.

Who this program is for:

  • Mothers who already have a foundation in mindfulness and awareness-building practices

  • Mothers who already have exposure to concepts in conscious parenting, and who are interested in expanding on that understanding and find the rule by love approach appealing

  • Mothers who are curious and interested in challenging notions of parenting we’ve been exposed to, and how much of our culture still approaches parenting

  • Mothers who want for themselves the same sense of ease, freedom, joy, playfulness and authenticity in life that they also wish for their children

  • Mothers who have exposure to meditation, mindfulness or other awareness building practices and either have an on-going practice, or who wish to RE-COMMIT to a dedicated practice

What do I get in the program?

  • 4 modules released over 4 weeks with video and audio lessons exploring the primary concepts in the Rule by Love approach to parenting

  • Downloadable and worksheets to help with the integration of the approach

  • A private Facebook community where you can connect with and discuss ideas raised in this approach

  • Lifetime access to the materials in the program (so you can revisit these concepts at any time)

  • Weekly embodiment and awareness practices to help embody the teachings

your teacher for the program?

Karine Bell is a somatic educator, mindfulness and mindful embodiment teacher (and anthropologist). She take a unique biopsychosocial approach to guiding women and mothers ready to embody their wisdom, strength, and vitality to make positive changes. 

She’s committed to becoming the author of her own experience, and helping create an environment for her children in which they feel both a sense of safety and a foundation within the container she provides, and a sense of curiosity to explore the world for themselves and find their own path.

She’s a non-religious Taoist at heart; deeply guided by the teachings that help us release resistance and find more ease, flow, and deeply embodied joy in parenting and in life.


What does the program cost?

The cost of the program is $197.00 for the 4-week self-study program. Once you have access to the materials in the program, you have access for life, and you can revisit the materials at any time for further study and integration. You’ll also have ongoing access to the practices and exercises in the program.

When does the program start?

You can start at any time! The program will be available for enrollment in June, 2019! If you’re interested in the program and would like to receive notice when the program is ready for purchase, share your contact information below and I’ll notify you when it’s available.