What this is all about…

At heart, I think what we most deeply wish for as moms is to have more freedom in our responses. At times we simply react - out of our need for more time & more space, or we react out of our agitation and anxious body and mind, or from deeper needs and beliefs we’re holding. And I think we all long for a different way of responding; with more patience, more kindness, more warmth and understanding. This goes for our kids, but it extends to our partners and ourselves, too!

In this free 3-part training series you’ll learn more about why these habits of reactivity that result in a lot of guilt feel so hard to change. And you’ll also learn about the missing link to making lasting, sustainable changes that make new responses, and new experiences possible.

There is a path there that I’ve walked myself (and I continue to walk), and on that journey we find resources within ourselves and an ability to respond to our kids, our partners and our lives in new and creative ways.

We’ll explore all that together!

P.S. Can’t watch on the day of the training? No problem. I’ll send you the video by email and you watch it on-demand.

When the training begins: Wednesday, May 1st @ 10AM EASTERN

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During our time together you’ll learn:

  • The important cues we can miss when we’re triggered

  • Where emotions originate (hint: not in the head) and how our emotions shape thought

  • What do we do with our emotions once triggered? How can we work with those moments?

  • The key factors that revolutionize our experience of overwhelm & reactivity (I think you'll find them E.P.I.C.!)

  • How this radically changes the way we show up in those moments with our kids; our partners; ourselves, and life in general

what you’ll leave with:

  • A fuller understanding of the anatomy of those moments of overwhelm with your kids

  • A more self-compassionate perspective on how and why these moments happen and why they’re so hard to stop

  • Some tools to begin unlearning learned habits of behavior which help us develop new and more helpful habits.


Your Teacher

I'm Karine! I'm a somatic educator, mindfulness and mindful embodiment teacher (and anthropologist). I take a unique biopsychosocial approach to guiding women and mothers ready to embody their wisdom, strength, and vitality to make positive changes. 

You can learn more about me here!


This training introduces you to a deeper-level understanding of where we’re starting on our journey. It’s perfect for you if you’re a woman and a mother who is already aware that there are things in your parenting experience that you recognize you want to change. It’s perfect for you if you want to parent more consciously, and you want to embrace the idea that you have more power to influence your own life (and your children’s in positive ways), if you just had a path to follow and someone to guide you into a deeper experience of trust in yourself. Towards the end of this free training, you’ll also be introduced to the 12-week path I’ve created to address the “how” part of how we do this. Regardless of whether or not you decide to take that path, this training will provide you with some valuable perspectives, education and tools you can already start to us.

Save your spot for the free training here - and you’ll be sent access on the date the training starts!