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The Bold Love Cure

a 12-week education, embodiment & Relationship Roadmap

The Bold Love Cure is a program for mamas like no other I know out there!  This program was birthed in the fire of my own experience of becoming a mother - and with it, meeting the force of momentum of conditioned patterns - inherited from culture, family, and born of my own experience) in this new role of motherhood.  Calling it a parenting course is far too simple.  But, while at its heart the work that this journey undertakes started when I became a mama, and with it a drive to make certain and necessary changes for my own well-being and my children's, this work really started with me and rippled (and continues to ripple) out from me to change the lives of my children as it changes my own.  I created this program for mamas determined to do the work necessary to break with the momentum of past patterning (conditioned and habitual patterns of thought, belief, perception and behavior in their lives) and craft for themselves a new way forward, one that has them connected to their inner compass.

I only trust teachers would teach me how to trust myself. And this is a learning to trust yourself in a way you may never have known.  I only want to be a guide for you to get there.

Many mamas fear that their own stress and emotional reactivity, their feelings of overwhelm, and feelings of being out of control, has had, or will have, a lasting impact on their kids.  Maybe their struggle to influence their children in a positive way, or struggle with their children's behavior towards them.  A mama's fear and excessive worry, even if unconscious, becomes known in the form of guilt and shame, or a pervasive anxiety she holds in her body.  These are the remnants of the effects of trauma (read the Trauma of Insecurity) on us that are as unique to us as each one of us is; how the effects of my early experiences has been expressed themselves in me is not necessarily how yours have been expressed in you. 

When I talk about this program, I get this fierce mama bear kind of energy that rises up within me, because it rises up this force of desire within me to BREAK with the momentum of past patterning that could rule my experience as a woman and a mother, if I let it.   And its the energy that all my life was experienced as anxiety that transforms to vitality when we learn to release it!

I want that for all mamas who've struggled to find a deeply embodied sense of confidence and self-trust in all they do in their lives and parenting.  This is the program that will help you connect and cultivate that, and to do that through the lens of your role as a mama.  Our children become a backdrop or the sounding board for your own process, and your own experience of learning about yourself and what you needed most in the world as a kid.  Through them, and by paying attention to them, you discover more about yourself in the process.  

Every woman has as her birthright as a dynamic human being a life energy that becomes diminished by the resistance that's introduced over the course of her life and the history of disconnection from herself she's experienced; becoming a mother can be the catalyst we need to set it free again.  It’s can be an initiation from which we’re never the same, nor are the cycles of past pain.

It ends here.  The cycle ends with me.  And I want to help you end if for you and your children too.

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This program is a curation of different philosophies, wisdom traditions, scientific and healing approaches, in which we’ll discuss some important theory, the intersection of nature and nurture (culture and history), philosophy and mythology, and introduce powerful practices that help us engage with and alter the momentum of past patterning, and re-incorporate us, into our bodies, so that we can be fully present and fully responsive and response-able (able to responds) to our needs and the needs of our children in ways that we most deeply want.  

The program is both experiential (meaning, you will explore your own embodied experience through the exercises and practices in the program) and it's also a teaching program, so we'll explore concepts and ideas meant to support the practices and bolster understanding.  

You will learn POWERFUL ways of regulating and integrating the brain and body and become more EMBODIED in a way that allows for far greater capacity for us to respond in wise and creative ways to our life circumstances and our children.

Curious to learn more? Let’s see if this program could be right for you.

Who the program is for:

Women, whose coming into motherhood has been a WAKE UP call for them.

Women who want to know and trust themselves as much for them as they want this for their children.

Women whose love for their children has become a powerful motivator for them to become more responsible for their emotional lives.

Women willing to work with uncomfortable feelings to break through into insight and lasting change

Women willing to look deeply and compassionately at the patterns that have shaped them in order to interrupt those patterns and forge a new way forward

Women who are exhausted and depleted from the emotional fallout of their reactions with their children and are committed to finding a better way

Women interested in the science side of things but who are also open to the unknown, uncertain and seemingly mystical

who the program is not for:

Women not ready to do the work of confronting uncomfortable emotions and patterns

Women not willing to take full responsibility for their lives and how they are in relationship with themselves and others

For women dealing with severe or unstable mental illness, it's not advisable to work through this material online

A detailed overview of what the program includes will soon be available. Stay tuned!

Join the wait list for the introductory program - or apply to join the beta. you can also ask me a question you don’t find the answer to here!

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FAQs (more to come)

Q: I want to learn specific strategies to work with my child's difficult behavior - is this the right program for me?

The specific focus of this program is not about “parenting strategies”, though approaches are talked about and suggested, the focus for the program works from the premise that profound changes are possible within the child's experience when the parent's (when mom's) experience changes.  The more balance, capacity, and regulation that mom has within her system, and the more mom feels within herself a foundation of safety and self-trust, the more this is communicated to her children in her strength and capacity.  In fact, based on what I know from my own experience, and the experience of working with people in the cultivation of awareness, trying to implement practices and strategies on top of an insecure foundation is not sustainable.  I'd always start with mom first. 

Q: Should my children be a certain age for me to work through this program? 

While I think this program would be of benefit to a mom of children at any age, the information that focuses on children focuses more on post-verbal ages - somewhere between 3 or 4 and 11 or 12.  Significant hormonal shifts take place for boys & girls ages 9 and up, and even more so when they reach teenage.   Still the vast majority of the program would still be of benefit as it benefits mom's system and experience, which has a necessary spillover effect, but the module focusing on children might not be as applicable.