And in the End, What Matters?

We spent, I kid you not, 8 + hours on Sunday doing one of those deep Spring cleanings that creates more chaos before order starts to set in. The following day, coming down from a work period in my office, my eyes meet the mess of a kitchen and dining room that looked like a flour-mill had exploded in it. My kids had taken the initiate to cook and bake for themselves on a day off from school.  Our first reaction in moments like that can be to spiral off in our frustration into a big reaction (as thoughts like "all that time I spent cleaning!" start to whirl inside your head.  But there's an element of our experience that makes it possible, instead of being sucked into the vortex of reactivity, to take in other information from the environment that can give us more perspective on the situation.  Like my children's flour-dusted faces beaming with pride! And, after all, this is about what, at the end of our lives matters most to us.  The question then becomes how can we align with THAT in those moments, and not the mess?

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