Parenting Before The Parenting (and the fear of screwing it all up)

In the early days of my motherhood journey, I stood on the bank of a river one day, and fell into crisis.

How am I going to do this? I wondered. How am I not going to screw this royally up? How am I going to parent my children in a different way to how I was parented, when I don’t know how?

I didn't know the way. How was I going to break a cycle of trauma I was barely even aware existed?

It was a true crisis that brought me to a threshold of initiation - a threshold of initiation that was leading me back to myself as the source and the starting point for how I was going to do what felt like the impossible to do.

It's the internal work that becomes all the alchemy we need to do what we fear we can't. And doesn't this feel like the essence of truth? That when we heal ourselves, that well-being ripples out into our relationships, and the parenting that comes from well-being knows what to do.

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