On Presence (and our absence from it)

A mama on a course of mine once expressed her utter heartbreak at the realization she had that, even in moments she'd reserved for her kids, she struggled to truly be present with and enjoy them.  Her overwhelm and her busy body and mind kept her from being fully there with them; even as they wanted to connect.  And there's a genuine sadness that comes with that experience. What we also miss in our disconnection from the present is the ability to "rejoice" in our kids.  How present or not we are will influence how our kids experience "being parented" by us.  Feeling unsafe in our bodies, contributes to this experience of being locked in the world of thoughts (so much so that we don't realize it's a product of this feeling - and a contributor to it!).  Our lack of presence can feel like "life passing us by", or as if we're living life from behind a veil, unable to make contact with our lives right here.  The roots of so much dis-ease and discontent lies in all the ways we can't be here. Right now.  

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