Healing through the Body (Part II)

We talk more about the KEY to our healing through the body, and how and why we can struggle to do this. Our disconnection from the body is often experienced like a foreign land that's host to a lot of experiences we've learned to fear.  Because if they felt "too big" then, they often feel "too big" now. Like the sensations that come with strong emotions or unpleasant feelings.  We can come to fear these parts of ourselves that have become disconnected from the whole of who we are, and in their separation they exist in the shadows; and from there they can feel like monsters.  But they're not; they're a part of us, and the important work we need to do is to start to integrate these experiences again back into our present moment experience. 

Until we find true refuge in the body, we'll struggle to control our lives and the people in them to feel better. And in that mode, we'll always struggle.  Our disconnection from the body is individual, but it's also cultural. I also explore this notion in the episode.  

You can skip the embodiment practice at the beginning of the episode by going to 05:15 in the episode.  (I move more quickly through this exercise in the episode than I would normally do.  This exercise can also be found below - and is the same exercise I introduced last week).

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Embodiment Practice

Download and use this practice to experience what awareness of and in the body feels like as opposed to relating to the body from the mind.

Essence of Hand - Embodiment Practice

Essence of Hand - Embodiment Practice