Healing through the Body (Part I)

What do we deeply want in our relationship with our kids? (And in our relationship to life, really). And what do we want to experience? We live in very disconnected and disembodied ways, in a very disconnected and disembodied world. And it's this disconnection from the body that contributes to so much of our suffering and keeps us from fully inhabiting the present moment. And it keeps us from experiencing the fullness of our human life; our freedom, our vitality, our fierceness and joy.

Coming home to the body IS the path home. And in this episode we begin to explore what this means and what it looks like.

Embodiment Practice

Download and use this practice to experience what awareness of and in the body feels like as opposed to relating to the body from the mind.

Essence of Hand - Embodiment Practice

Essence of Hand - Embodiment Practice

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