Motherhood: A journey of Fear & Courage (Action of the Heart)

The entire journey of motherhood is often a dance of fear and courage. Especially for those of us who deeply desire to parent differently than we were parented. Fear can keep us feeling stuck, while courage has forward momentum to it towards self-transformation. How do we face what it is we fear to face on the path to self-transformation? And what are the desires we hold in our hearts that can mobilize us powerfully with the courage (the action of the heart) towards a different future? And are we even in touch with that desire? (Are we allowed to be)?! When we fear our own fear, we can become immobilized and unable to take steps forward - we can get stuck in an experience of "no way out". In this episode, we explore what it means to connect with our innermost desires as the basis for the courage we need to unshackle ourselves from the prisons we often experience.

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Kali can seem frightening when you first see her, and if you don’t look deeper into what she represents, which is the fierce and powerful part within all of us that is the powerful liberator! The warrior energy that is our own life force. Our liberation might mean liberation from the prisons that keep us stuck in fear so that we can take bold moves forward in life.