Not Bad. In Need.

I don't believe in bad behavior. In fact, I'd love to strip away from the discussion of behavior all the moralizing we tend to do. And instead, come to see behavior within the broader context of a person's experience. Just as medicine begins to look beyond the symptoms a person's experiencing, and just treating symptoms (the old model), to understand more about the environment of the body and the psychosocial well-being of the individual (the emerging model); doing the same with behavior will shatter the old model of punishment & reward and help us see the child behind the behavior. And no one could welcome this more than me. I was that kid whose behavior was the problem, institutionalized and medicated based on that behavior even, but there was so much more to that story than what the behavior alone could tell. The behavior was only the outward manifestation of what was happening within. And I realize now that my pursuit of a deeper understanding of "self" and experience was an incredible act of self love. Having done this work for myself, this learning becomes a gift I actively give my kids and others around me.

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