Beyond the Books (trusting self)

I'm not dishing out any parenting advice in this episode - but I'm also not against parenting advice and parenting strategies per say - what I am promoting in this episode is a parenting beyond the books approach. You don’t need the outside world to tell you how to parent. When we learn to trust ourselves everything else falls into place.  And when you have reached a place of self-understanding and you’ve learned more about what it means to be a human being in this world through studying your own life; you will come to trust and to know in your bones what each next step; each next response; needs to be.  

*Funky audio issues ahead!

Resources mentioned in the podcast

Let’s get more present and regulated. For that, self-regulation techniques can be extremely helpful. I have a pdf guide with 9 Self-Regulation Tools for Anxiety & Overwhelm over here!

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