Emotional Development

At the heart of what we often struggle with most as mothers is how we can provide for our children something we might not have received ourselves as children. This is not a matter of blame more than it is taking an honest look at our lives and experiences. One area we often struggle most is in how we think about and work with our own emotions. We often either shut down and avoid “difficult” emotions, or we become emotionally volatile or easily emotionally triggered; both indicators what we don’t have an equanimous relationship to our own emotions. And we likely didn’t learn how to be with and relate to our emotions in healthy ways. It’s endemic in our culture and so our parents likely didn’t know how either. This is imbalanced relationship to emotion can create havoc within us, and until we learn another way of being with emotion, we’ll likely pass on these patterns to our kids.

In working with emotion, self-regulation techniques can be extremely helpful. I have a couple of practical resources to share with you today as well. You can find them here!

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