The Trauma Vortex

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (or ACES) has demonstrated an important link between adverse early childhood experiences, early trauma, and life-long mental and physical health problems.  Understanding trauma and its effects has become an important topic of discussion, especially as it relates to health.  Despite having many of the ACES on the list, I avoided using the word trauma because I refused to believe that my early adverse experiences determined how I could experience my life.  But we DO need to acknowledge the weight of the past if we don't want to carry it into our future, but we're also EMPOWERED to become active agents in that process and in our healing. And in the process, do some major trauma chain-breaking as we go!  This is the first in a series on trauma that I'll do.

After you listen to the episode, you can learn more about the topics and people I mention below:

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