A Story of Grief and Grieving (Part I)

We aren't typically taught how to relate to the experience of loss in life, and how to grieve.  You might think of grieving as something only associated with the loss of someone you love, but grieving is the process we go through when we confront the inevitability of loss in all its forms, and the threat to us as social animals that it evokes.  Our inability to be with the strong winds and forceful waves that are kicked up in cycles of grief leads us to an imbalanced relationship with it of either shutting down or becoming overwhelmed by emotions like sadness (or anger!).  In the first part of this 2 (or 3!) - part series focused on grief, we'll introduce this fundamental human experience and touch on why we need a whole-bodied relationship to the experience. 

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And don’t forget to watch the video below of a funeral Haka. Notice how watching it makes you feel - pleasant or unpleasant. Does it move you in some way? Does it make you uncomfortable to watch? Does it activate you in some way? We’re influenced by our families and cultures - displays of such powerful emotion, like in this vide, could make people feel uncomfortable. Come share your thoughts/ideas about it over here!