Our fears, their freedom

I could fall into a wormhole of worry during my first pregnancy. But my wake up came one day when my husband said to me, “Honey, you know this isn’t over once the baby comes out, don’t you?” And it hit me like bricks.  He was right. If I couldn’t find a way to check runaway worry it would rule my days with my children. And more, I risked limiting them and their experience, and their spirit of exploration. I also risked passing onto them (unconsciously and unintentionally) the belief that the world is an unsafe place. Children need boundaries; they need to feel safe; but they also need to feel their sense of internally driven power, authenticity and confidence.  I often say parenting has been the most potent path for "waking up", and learning to not let my worry rule their experience has been one of the greatest lessons.  

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