The Alchemy We Perform (A Childbirth Story)

In today’s episode, I’m sharing a childbirth story with you. I had a lot of fun last week exploring our personal journey through the lens of the (archetypal) story of Harry Potter. But this week I wanted to share a story about what it looks like to meet (with mindfulness and with intention) the momentum of the stories we tell ourselves about how an experience should or could be. And how this confrontation opens up new paths. Coming back to the body, and experiencing a moment from there, we come out of the concepts (labels, judgments & beliefs) we hold and that shape our perception of an experience, and this has the power to open us up to NEW experiences we didn’t know were possible. The story of my daughter’s birth epitomizes this well - and it was the story I shared on a Tedx stage almost a year ago.

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