Welcome to the Bold as Love podcast! The podcast all about Liberation from our past through education, embodiment & awareness.

Hey mama, I’m Karine, your host of the (weekly) Bold as Love podcast. I’m a somatic educator, embodiment specialist, researcher, anthropologist, contemplative practices practitioner and teacher, and most of all I love to share ideas that help others realize just how much power they actually have to shape their own lives. And I hope you’ll find something empowering and perspective-shifting in these episodes for you!

This pod has been a long time in the making, I have to tell you. Maybe 43 years? Seriously, though, this is a podcast with a mission at heart to speak straight to the hearts of women and mothers who are curious and open and interested in new ideas and perspectives on motherhood and parenting.

If I manage to help another woman wake up just a little bit more to her own life, then I’m thankful.

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