BAL004: Our Anger (and what it's pointing us to)

Why it matters

Anger is a topic that has been popping up more and more in recent months, especially among women. But anger is more than just a feeling, and there is a healthy and unhealthy side to this emotion. The way we choose to view and act upon our anger can make a huge difference in the way we interact with the world around us, and even in our physical wellbeing.

what i talk about in this episode

I'm talking about anger in this episode and I'm sure it won't be for the last time. The subject of anger, and especially anger for women, has come up a lot recently, and I feel that's important. But the anger we hold often points us to something else in our experience that we need to address because anger often holds the powerful energy of healthy aggression captive - an energy that wants to move and transform something in our lives. This is the first of other discussions of how our vital and healthy life energy is mobilized to help us respond to the world but key for us in knowing how to allow it to move is knowing how to be with it and allow it to inform a wise and creative engagement with the world. While anger can hold us captive and fuel an unhealthy aggression, healthy aggression can propel us forward and fuel wise, creative and assertive action in the world.

reflections & take-aways

Anger is pointing the presence of vital and healthy life energy that is creative when freed to flow. Holding that creative and protective energy in, however, can harm us and others. What is your relationship with anger? I’d love to hear your thoughts on anger. I don’t think it’s helpful to get into debates about semantics as much as I’d love to know about your experience of anger or with healthy aggression. Have you ever experienced the energy of your healthy aggression propelling you forward to accomplish something productive and creative? Come share your thoughts or ideas or stories with me over at


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