BAL003: Mr.Rogers & The Power of Relationship

why it matters

Relationships are always a powerful and important part of our lives, but especially so for children. It’s really surprising how simple it is to provide the security and stability a child needs as they develop emotionally, but even more surprising how easily these needs can be overlooked.

what i talk about in this episode

In this episode I talk about the power of relationship for children. I tell you a story about how a simple but intentional television figure was able to establish relationship (not only with me, but with thousands of other children) that made a huge impact on my life. And how this speaks to the important presence of other figures in the lives of a child (alloparents and others) who can help provide for that child a foundation, a base, upon which they can stand when the environment around them is shaky. You might be surprised to know just how impactful a simple (but intentional) question like: "how are you doing?" can provide a thread of stability for a child who needs it.

As an advisory - I do briefly talk about abuse relationships.

reflections & take-aways

Did you have an alloparent in your own life? Someone who taught you things, or told you things that you needed to know or needed to hear? If you have a story to share, I would love to hear it! You can add it to the comments below, or you can hop on over to the share page on this site and let me know!


"Won’t You Be My Neighbor”:

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