BAL005: Slowing Down, Anxiety & The Rhythm of Things

This is the time year when the natural slowing down of the world around us can be an invitation for us to slow down with it.  But that's not easy for many women who are neck-deep in the culture of doing.  There’s a kind of trauma to everyday life in the modern world.  The busy-ness of our minds reflect the hurriedness of our lives.  Even when we’re in a calm environment, the mind can be a madhouse of activity.  This experience alone - of not having the time and space to digest the many experiences we have are one thing, but when they also happen to people living in a state of disconnection (from themselves), well, this situation gets increasingly challenging.  It’s as if you'd eaten something, and then, instead being allowed to digest what you’ve just eaten, you keep eating and eating...until you’re in a state of overwhelm and anxiety.  And without the ability to slow down, it's hard to ever break the cycle. Slowing down, while scary, invites us back into a relationship with self and life that has a rhythm we can dance to.