karine bell, tedx talk, september 27th, 2018

Becoming the author of your own experience


Challening cultural narratives

Karine's talk is about what happens when we engage curiosity and wonder and bring them into an inquiry of even the most entrenched cultural narratives that dictate a sense of "who we are" and what the limits of our experience can be.  In her talk, she challenges one of the most entrenched cultural narratives: Childbirth is a painful experience to be endured.  She invites people to explore the question: Is another experience possible? She challenges the notion that this experience is - or that any of our experiences are - predestined and inevitable, and explores what an engagement with the unknown and the mysterious (and, therefore, frightening) can look like and how it can break us free from the bonds of these narratives.  The opening this enables is the font from which imagination and creativity, and a sense of confidence and empowerment, in how we live and experience our lives comes.