Expand Your Bandwidth - Day 5 - Lesson 5


flip that script!

Have you ever heard of negativity bias?  It’s a theory about the human brain that says that, as human beings, we’ve evolved to focus more on negative things than we have to focus on the positive ones. And it makes sense, because it wasn’t all that long ago that we occupied the middle rung on the food chain; so, just like the impala or zebra, we had to watch our backs so we wouldn't get eaten!  So, your gorgeous brain, in all its mastery and desire to keep you alive, thought it might be a better focus to retain information about things you find threatening. Needless to say, this focus on the negative isn't only unnecessary given our modern lives, it keeps us in many ways from deep joy, connection and meaning in life.  It keeps us mired in a focus that depletes rather than nourishes us - but we can learn a powerful alchemy that transforms that negative focus into gold!


After you've listened to the short lesson for Day 5 - don't forget the flip the script worksheet