Expand Your Bandwidth - Day 4 - Lesson 4


what lights you up?!

One aspect of the myth of the perfect mother, is that she is this self-denying, self-sacrificing force that thinks of everyone before herself.  And this is lauded for most of us in the cultures we come from. That means that, for many women, even the thought of asking the question “What do I love?” “What nourishes me?” is out of the question.  For many women, this just doesn’t come naturally. In part because of the myth we’ve all been exposed to, and in part because most of us weren’t taught by the people around you to ask that question: “What lights you up so completely?”  As a child, you may have loved things that your parents or others didn’t love, and so you might have even learned that what you love isn’t acceptable to others. So, this lesson is about what YOU love!


After you've listened to the short lesson for Day 4 - don't forget the brainstorm worksheet