Expand Your Bandwidth - Day 3 - Lesson 3


the power of "no"

If you’re like many women, you struggle to use the word no - to people, to events, to situations - and, let me add that, you struggle to say “no” in a confident way that doesn’t leave you feeling bad about it or justifying it to yourself or others over and over again. Maybe you do say no sometimes, but do you say it in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty about it, or fearful of disappointing people? One of the many myths women and mothers are faced with is this idea that the good mother, a real mother is SELFLESS.  And even though I think I’ll manage to convince you why this is not a good way to be in the world, it challenges many of the cultural narratives we live with.  Let this lesson be your permission slip to saying "no" more often.


After you've listened to the short lesson for Day 3 - don't forget the power of "no" worksheet