Expand Your Bandwidth - Day 1 - Lesson 1


overwhelm & YOur window of tolerance 

Your Window of Tolerance describes the range of your nervous system in which you feel both mentally and physically well and capable of handling the demands and challenges of everyday life.  Your window is unique to you in that it's influenced by factors unique to your life circumstances and experiences.  The experiences and capacities of your ancestors can impact upon how narrow or how broad your window of tolerance is.  How much stress your mother experienced during pregnancy can also have an effect on how much chronic stress you experience.  The challenging experiences in your life could serve to shrink this window, if you were not able to bound back from them and they've kept you locked in chronic stress.  As human beings our nervous systems are meant to keep us resilient in the world, but sometimes that capacity for resilience has been lost.  We can get it back!


After you've listened to the short lesson for Day 1 - don't forget to do the short Center&Ground mindfulness practice!

Download the PDF for Day 1 here to keep as a reference