Would you like to change the way you experience and engage in conflict?

Would you like to speak out, stand up for yourself or another, express a point without shutting down, shutting another person down, or falling into the “who’s to blame” hamster wheel?

Do you “lose it” too easily and too often, or shut down or become overwhelmed in the face of it?

Would you like to learn tools to increase your tolerance for it, and become more conscious or yourself and others IN and THROUGH it?

This workshop is a doorway into a new relationship with something many of us struggle with…

Here’s the thing about conflict for most of us…

  • We don’t like it, and have developed strategies to avoid it! (p.s. even if we find ourselves in conflict with others often)

  • When we do find ourselves in “conflict” with other people (especially those we love) we find ourselves “losing it” and suffering the guilt, or even (toxic) shame, as a consequence

  • We assume conflict is a “bad” thing because we’ve not had good experiences with people in conflict in the past or good models for how conflict could happen

  • Conflict often becomes a power-struggle between us and the “other” - and the battle to be “right” takes over the desire to understand or be understood

  • Conflict “triggers” us in specific ways - some of our deepest held fears, beliefs & even traumas are often triggered by it, and we have very little tolerance for it

  • We fear more than anything repercussions from moments of conflict

When you think of the word “conflict” what comes to mind?

Does it conjure up scenes of unrest in war-torn parts of the world? Does it conjure up an image (like the one above) of outright aggression? When it comes to conflict, we all bring our own personal histories of what conflict means to us to the party.

And, needless to say, conflict isn’t something most of us do well.

It’s easy for us to say “ I don’t want to fight”. Or maybe you find yourself avoiding conflict like the plague, only to blow up in an instance when it all becomes too much. Or avoiding conflict in one area of your life (like work), only to bring all that kicked up agitation and unsettled “matter” home with you where it comes out with your kids, your husband, your cat. Maybe you fear speaking out and risking conflict so much that you swallow it all where it slowly adds to a growing petri dish of resentment.

Let’s face it, many of us don’t engage in conflict well.

If you’re anything like me, then you didn’t learn healthy conflict growing up. You may have experienced more examples of unhealthy conflict, as parents yelled and screamed at each other without awareness, and they didn’t know how to repair those moments of rupture in relationship at the end. Or you may have experienced the opposite, where there was a lot “unsaid” between people in your home that no one was willing to face and to talk about, so it just existed as this unspoken tension or resentment that everyone could feel but couldn’t name.

Conflict is not our problem. Our inability to be in conflict from a grounded, rooted, regulated and self-aware place, is. The problem is that we’ve not learned how to be in conflict with others and have that conflict become a springboard for growth and greater understanding.

Learn how to change that in this self-study workshop!

This is a self-study workshop that will take you through steps to reframe thinking and behavior around conflict.

The upcoming workshop will be available in November 18th, 2019. Register here to be notified when the training becomes available.

what you’ll learn:

  • Which of the defensive stress responses gets activated in you in conflict situations

  • About the important role of conflict in our lives (and how to embrace it more)

  • How to begin to untether yourself from the automatic responses you have in conflict moments

  • How to increase your tolerance for staying with moments of conflict

  • To create the ‘conflict container’ that invites you and others into a shared space and mutual understanding

  • How to conflict with others and not feel that it threatens the relationship.

  • How conflict doesn’t have to be experienced as the break down in a relationship, but can be a springboard to greater intimacy

  • How to “fight” better with your children.

what you’ll leave with:

  • A fuller understanding of the anatomy of those moments of conflict

  • A more self-compassionate perspective on how and why you respond as you do

  • A fuller understanding about the nature of conflict and why conflict can not only be healthy, but is vital to our growth and development - as individuals and communities

  • Tools to work with to help you “fight” better with others and repair the temporary rupture in relationship caused by the conflict


About Your Teacher

I'm Karine! I'm a somatic educator, mindfulness and mindful embodiment teacher (and anthropologist). I take a unique biopsychosocial approach to guiding women and mothers ready to embody their wisdom, strength, and vitality to parent differently.

You can learn more about me here.


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