i experienced sexual abuse as a child between throughout the first 12 years of my life.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, who became a mother (determined) to prevent this dynamic from affecting my children, I wanted to know WHAT I COULD DO to immunize them against this experience.  As a mother aware that I cannot control the world around me or others in it; what could I do, I am always asking myself, to create the kind of environment around AND WITHIN my children that would make the abuse dynamic less likely to happen?  

My work speaks to how our embodiment and deep connection to an internal compass and a powerful voice with a clear channel is our power, and it’s through the work WE DO as women and mothers (and parents/caregivers) to achieve this for ourselves that we cultivate the soil from which empowered and embodied little human beings can grow into kids who can embody a powerful "NO" and who can speak freely with us as their mothers about the experiences they have (because we are a presence they can trust).  

We don't realize just how powerful we are to undermine the factors that contribute to the abuse dynamic in the first place.  And undermine the environments of complicity - that is, the environments that make this dynamic possible.

i imagine the environment - around us and within us - as being like a garden. when we are determined to live a life with “eyes wide open” we become like a gardener who tends to the soil out of which our experiences grow, and the world is shaped.

I don’t believe we have to “fight” anything with an unhealthy aggression; with punishment and legislation, in order to be effective in creating a different future. In fact, much like the “war on drugs” or the “war on poverty”; the approach of “war” doesn’t bring us to our desired ends but often frustrates and complicates the process by creating monsters out of human beings; and missing out on the opportunity to understand something important about human experience and human relationships.

We don’t need weapons to fight; rather, i want to do work that helps take children off the battlefield entirely.

I’m looking for women who’ve had this experience as a child who are willing to share with me about it. I’m also looking for mothers who want to learn more about what they are empowered to do to prevent this experience for their children.

Please reach out to me if you’re willing to share (anonymously) your experience: karine@karinebell.com

I am a lover of the ancient and mystical as well as the pragmatic and scientific, and the approach I take incorporates both.

And I talk about it all in the “Bold as Love” podcast - Check it out!