Why meditate?

You sense there's another way to live, but you're not sure how or where to begin

One way I like to think about mindfulness is this: it's a way of experiencing our lives that is always accessible to us.  To you, and to me, right now.  In THIS very moment. You see, mindfulness is defined as a direct, open and non-judgmental awareness of our present moment experience.  And you've experienced it already - for example, when you've found yourself in the midst of natural beauty, and it was as if time stopped.  You could sense the sun's warmth on your skin, feel the sensation of wind, and smell the greenery around you. You tilted your head up and breathed in the world.

And for that moment, your tax bill didn't feel like a 10-ton weight on your mind, the lingering thoughts about that argument with your partner dissipated, that funny mole on your back was just that funny mole (and not the "worst case scenario"), and all you did was be there, in your body, in that moment.  Without judgment, without resistance, without a million thoughts rumbling around in your head. Stripped of all the ways you usually feed your monkey mind, and distract yourself from the unhappy things in life, just in the body, in that moment.

And just like that, you experienced mindfulness. Total presence. Thoughts aligned with reality.  Open. Interested.

This experience doesn't have to be a happy accident, dependent on the world around us to be as we want it before we can feel our center, and feel at peace.

We can find that freedom now, in this moment, regardless of what's happening. Even in deeply painful moments, like in grief.  Christians call this, "the peace that surpasses all understanding."

And, please take this to heart, the mindfulness we grow our capacity to experience through meditation does not turn away from conflict, or deny the reality of challenging situations in our lives and in the world, that need to be confronted. What it does do, however, is bring us back to ourselves so that we can respond to those situations in our lives and in the world with humanity, integrity, clarity and wisdom.

Mindfulness can be an intentionally cultivated experience that requires only this from you: to show up and do the work. 

But I'm here to help.  I teach now because I live and breathe the benefits of meditation (the tool) and mindfulness (the practice and the experience) in my life.

If you're interested to learn more, and maybe study with me, stick around. I hope I can provide something helpful to you.

Mindfulness is more than just a popular movement.  It's an invitation to understand and heal your life and your world.

I'm dedicated to helping you start exactly where you are, and to making the process of discovery creative, engaging, inspiring, and even fun!