What would it take for you to transform past pain and learned patterns into a powerful new legacy for yourself and your children?

Few experiences bring into sharper focus the patterns of emotional reactivity and conditioned learning than motherhood does.  And few experiences highlight the areas where we're still carrying the pain of the past into our present lives with our children.  

All those moments when we remark on how our children "push our buttons" are examples of situations in which we get triggered.  And, in motherhood, we can get triggered a lot.  

When mom is overwhelmed, it's a signal that deep within her she has a longing and a desire for freedom from the effects of past experiences, more time and space and relationship with herself, and the freedom to feel that she can have a new experience of herself.  And she wants to TRUST her own life.

The urgency that often comes in motherhood comes from this realization that, through us as mothers - mothers willing to wake up to our own lives and grow up in the process - we are empowered to not transfer that pain into the next generation, but transmute that past pain into a new legacy for ourselves and our children going forward. 

 To write a new story.

YOu can become the author of your own life story. 

this is my journey too.

And now I help other mothers do the same.

In this process of becoming aware of ourselves and the workings of our past on our present experience as mamas, we give birth to ourselves; a new experience of ourselves that is fully grown, independent, and capable of taking responsibility for our emotional world and how we experience  our lives. 

We begin to disentangle our voice from the many around us, that have been around us all our lives saying this and that about life, about us, about how things should be.  We begin to learn again (or perhaps, as in my case, for the first time) to trust our own voice, trust our own instincts and impulses, and ultimately trust ourselves. And to become the authors of our own experience.  We can put away the guilt and shame, the articles, books and media that tell their stories about motherhood, and we can learn to tune in to ourselves and trust.  

There's perhaps nothing more subversive to me than a woman who learns to deeply trust her own perception, her own embodied experience over the perception of others. 

In this world, with its many influences on who a woman should be, how a mother should be, and how a person should be, stepping fully into the role of "your own authority" through deeply trusting the life that you are serves to neutralize the power of the world to determine your experience. 

Ultimately, this is about empowerment for women, and, ultimately, for the world.    

The way in is the way out - embodied parenting

Culture is so all-pervasive that we forget one fundamental truth:

We are also Animals

This truism lies at the heart of solution for so much of our suffering as mamas.  As individuals in our modern world, and especially as women, we've experienced a disconnection from ourselves from the time we were young (you can read more about that here).  And it impacts how we experience ourselves.  But there's a fundamental and biological, a pre-conceptual, experience that also makes up a fundamental part of our experience of being human.  This experience comes through a body-based awareness and direct experience of the world that is always available to us but, for so many, rarely experienced or known.  It comes through our embodiment.

There's a level of experience we're having - beyond our family of origin and beyond culture - that goes much deeper than our conscious perception; what we "think" about who we are and who others are and how the world is. We can live our lives - for a lifetime even - in habitual patterns of defensive stress (living in worry, anxiety, guilt and depression), and in this experience, we’re cut off from the natural state of ease, flow and JOY that is our animal nature when we’re not living from the pervasive feeling of “not safe”.

We have to come back to the animal of our experience - our deeply embodied experience, to find it. We nee dto build again a relationship to this experience. Coming back to the animal experience that we're having is also the doorway into our fully human life, more space, freedom and capacity and, importantly, a deep connection to life, and deeper trust in self.

When we can access that, we can truly start writing a new story...

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