Each one of us has housed within our bodies a source of wisdom, intelligence and internally sourced guidance that we only need to rediscover through re-connection to the lived experience of our body/mind.

This reconnection is what we need as women and mothers to transform learned behavioral patterns that no longer serve us (inherited from our families, our cultures, and learned in early life) for ourselves and our children.

I’m Karine. I’m a somatic educator and mindful embodiment coach who believes in the innate ability of the body/mind to heal and be transformed under the right conditions and when equipped with the resources and tools to do so.

I take a unique biopsychosocial approach to guiding women and mothers ready to access again wisdom, strength and vitality to make positive changes.

Whether together in my 12-week Bold Love Cure program, or another course offering (more are on the way), we will do a deep dive into what appears on the surface to be the mess of everyday lives as women and mothers - our learned patterns of emotional reactivity, of thinking and acting out in the world - and we learn to befriend the “mess” as we befriend ourselves. And in it process, we find ourselves again, and we find the holy wisdom within the “mess” that’s always been there, we just needed a different way of seeing.

The way in is the way out - embodied parenting

Culture is so all-pervasive that we forget one fundamental truth:

We are also Animals

This truism lies at the heart of solution for so much of our suffering as mamas.  As individuals in our modern world, and especially as women, we've experienced a disconnection from ourselves from the time we were young (you can read more about that here).  And it impacts how we experience ourselves.  But there's a fundamental and biological, a pre-conceptual, experience that also makes up a fundamental part of our experience of being human.  This experience comes through a body-based awareness and direct experience of the world that is always available to us but, for so many, rarely experienced or known.  It comes through our embodiment.

There's a level of experience we're having - beyond our family of origin and beyond culture - that goes much deeper than our conscious perception; what we "think" about who we are and who others are and how the world is. We can live our lives - for a lifetime even - in habitual patterns of defensive stress (living in worry, anxiety, guilt and depression), and in this experience, we’re cut off from the natural state of ease, flow and JOY that is our animal nature when we’re not living from the pervasive feeling of “not safe”.

We have to come back to the animal of our experience - our deeply embodied experience, to find it. We nee dto build again a relationship to this experience. Coming back to the animal experience that we're having is also the doorway into our fully human life, more space, freedom and capacity and, importantly, a deep connection to life, and deeper trust in self.

When we can access that, we can truly start writing a new story...

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