Let’s start at the beginning with the endgame in mind. When we heal from those things that have kept us locked up, caged in, exhausted and overwhelmed (our traumas), we return to a state of simplicity;

of presence, innocence, possibility and joy.

And that revolution within us changes the game for our kids. Boom. That’s the alchemy we perform when we heal.

The truth is: Few experiences bring into sharper focus the patterns of emotional reactivity and conditioned learning that drives much of our behavior than parenthood does.  And few experiences highlight the areas where we're still carrying the pain of the past into our present lives with our children.  

All those moments our children "push our buttons" are examples of situations in which we get triggered.  And, in parenting, we can get triggered a lot.  

When we are overwhelmed, it's a signal that within us is a longing and a desire for freedom from the effects of past experiences, more time and space and relationship with ourselves, and the freedom to feel we can have new experience of ourselves.  We all want to TRUST our own lives.

The urgency that often comes up in parenthood comes from this realization that, through us - people willing to wake up to our own lives and grow up in the process - we are empowered to not transfer that pain into the next generation, but transmute that past pain into a new legacy for ourselves and our children going forward. 

 To write a new story.

YOu can become the author of your own life story. 

this is my journey too.

In this process of becoming aware of ourselves and how our past lives on in our present, we give birth to ourselves; a new experience of ourselves that is fully grown, independent, and capable of taking responsibility for our emotional world and how we experience  our lives. 

We begin to disentangle our voice from the many around us, that have been around us all our lives saying this and that about life, about us, about how things should be.  We begin to learn again (or perhaps, as in my case, for the first time) to trust our own voice, trust our own instincts and impulses, and ultimately trust ourselves. And to become the authors of our own experience. 

We don’t need to fear that we’re going to screw this all up! We can put away the guilt and shame, the articles, books and media, and we can learn to tune in to ourselves and trust.  Because…

Learning to mother our kids the way we deeply wish to mother them; starts with learning to mother ourselves first.

and it’s all about a relationship with ourselves that starts in our own bodies.

You have, housed within your body, a source of wisdom, intelligence and internally sourced guidance that you only need to rediscover (or discover for the first time) through a re-connection to the lived experience of your body/mind. A radical and compassionate and NEW connection. You, like me, likely experienced a disconnection from this form of intelligence. We are individually and culturally disconnected from this form of intelligence.

This reconnection is what you need as a woman and a mother to transform learned behavioral patterns that no longer serve you (inherited from your family, your culture, and learned in early life) for yourself and for your children. To reclaim your beautiful and vital life energy.

You may have come here because you struggle with impatience and frustration in your life as a mama; you may struggle with an overwhelmed nervous system and not enough resources to meet others and life in ways that feel good to you. But you’re more empowered than you may know to rewire for new experiences that can positively impact how you live within your skin; how you interact; and how you love.

But this is about so much more.

Ultimately, I believe we all want to deeply feel at home in our bodies, loved from the inside (until it can’t help but spill out), to feel our connection and our belonging to life. To feel free and unburdened by all the ways we’ve learned to live from our defenses; and connect with all that is here for us in this life; our presence; our joy, our playfulness, our ease and spontaneity.

Join the Embodiment Revolution that is bringing us all home to ourselves!

I’m Karine. I’m a somatic educator, mindfulness and mindful embodiment teacher who believes in the innate ability of the body/mind to heal and be transformed under the right conditions and when equipped with the resources and tools to do so.

I'm also a lineage healer, doing the work in my own life to transform inherited and early life trauma so that I don't pass that pain onto my children, the next generation. Profound trauma alchemy starts with us.

I take a unique biopsychosocial approach to guiding women and mothers ready to access again wisdom, strength and vitality to make positive changes.

Whether together in my 8-week foundations program, or one of my other programs (more on the way), we will do a deep dive into what appears on the surface to be the mess of everyday life as women and mothers - our learned patterns of emotional reactivity, of thinking and acting out in the world - and learn to befriend the “mess” as we befriend ourselves.

And in it process, we find ourselves again, and we find the holy wisdom within the “mess” that’s always been there, we just needed a different way of seeing.


Earth Witness: 9 Self-Regulation Tools for Anxiety & Overwhelm

Click the image to get the guide and audio practice

Like a balm for the nervous system

Few of us truly understand that living in the face-paced modern world many of us live in today, we can easily become overwhelmed by the endless “doing” that we do. Beyond that, as a culture, many of us have learned habits of thought and behavior that often leave us living in a state of anxiety and overwhelm. These states are good indications that we are living with a nervous system out of balance and undernourished. The guide you’ll get here might seem simple, but it contains some wonderful tools (a few of which were truly critical for me during a very difficult time in my life), and you can begin working with these tools today.

As a bonus, I’ve also included a guided audio practice that relates to the “orienting” tool in the guidebook.

Nourish that nervous system, mama. Be well.

Let’s connect in a more meaningful way & stay in the kNOW about upcoming opportunities to work together.

I share what i’m learning and integrating over on Instagram @karinebell